S&S installs seats at NSU

New Seating Added to Doc Wadley Stadium

by Ashley Chaney, The Northeastern

NSU's football stadium was not left out of the loop when it came to changing things on campus. 480 seats have been added to the stadium. The stands look very attractive and are ready for the upcoming season.

The new seats are green and fill the upper level of the center section. Not only are the seats more comfortable than the aluminum benches that once filled the stadium, but they also come equipped with arm rests and seat backs and fold down when they are not in use.

"The stadium looks a lot better," said William Pittman, Desoto, Texas junior.

The seats, which were installed two weeks ago, are refurbished, meaning they are not brand new. The seats were purchased through a S&S Seating, Inc. that specializes in removing old seats that are in good condition and selling them to schools and companies that can make good use of the recycled products. The newly added seats in Doc Wadley Stadium were actually removed from an amphitheater in Kansas City.

"They are individual seats," said Matt Cochran, associate athletic director. "S&S Seating arrived Tuesday and was completely done on Saturday."

Although the seats are very attractive, the new chair back seats were not added just for show. The athletic department will reserve the seats through its new season ticket program.

"The seats were made available to us at a good price," said Kenny Evans, head football coach. "It was decided it could also be a great fundraiser as well as a way to upgrade our facilities."

The athletic department will offer the seats to those interested in the new season ticket program effective this year. There is an opportunity for those who purchase season tickets to view seats and choose what seat they would like for the season. These sessions are Friday, Aug. 14 and Friday, Aug. 21.

"This was done mainly to generate interest for fans," said Cochran. "It's a fund raiser so we can improve our athletic department."

One seat for the season is $95, two are $180, three seats are $250, four seats at $325, five at $400, and six seats at $401. All prices include season ticket and seat licensing fee.

"It's reserved seating," said Patrick Cook, Mont Belvieu, Texas junior. "And they are more comfortable."

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